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From online classes to voice recording, Professor Spanish will make sure that all of your Spanish language needs are properly addressed; 100% client satisfaction guaranteed!


Oscar, the founder of Professor Spanish is a native Spanish speaker who graduated with a degree in English Philology.


“It is very enjoyable working with Oscar. He is committed to helping me understand and gives homework that matches my level.”


    Have a natural conversation lesson with a native Spanish speaker adapted to the level of your abilities, whether it be basic words or sentences or a full conversation. If you prefer, the lessons can be more focused on grammar, language structure, vocabulary, comprehension, and pronunciation.

    Lessons will be personalized depending on your current level of Spanish and your interests. If you desire, you’ll be given homework which will be corrected in the next class. Unlike conventional teachers, Professor Spanish will make your learning experience enjoyable and interesting!

    Professor Spanish will proofread your Spanish writing and make sure that it is free of errors. Mistakes will be briefly explained or highlighted if you desire.

    Professor Spanish will translate your English text or audio into Spanish. Professor Spanish can also translate Spanish text and audio formats into English.

    Do you need to convert an audio or video into text? Professor Spanish will do it.

    Do you need a Spanish native voice for your commercial or perhaps for learning purposes? Contact Professor Spanish ASAP.

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Based in Barcelona, Spain. Professor Spanish offers its Spanish services to the local area and beyond through the use of IT technologies such as Skype and Zoom.


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Hi, I’m Oscar, the founder of Professor Spanish. It’s been more than 10 years since I left Barcelona to find work in England and learn the English language. After 4 years of living in London, I came back to Spain to finish a degree in English Philology (linguistics), and a Master’s in Teacher Training for Secondary Education. Through the years I have gained a wealth of experience teaching Spanish, providing translations, and checking the grammar and spelling of non-native Spanish speakers. If you need help improving your Spanish language skills, look no further! I can help you improve your Spanish and boost your confidence!


“Oscar has been a patient and thorough teacher. He’s been able to quickly identify my weaknesses and concentrate on improving them. I would highly recommend his lessons, I’ve been enjoying the process of improving my Spanish!”

— Sam — Canada

“Really good experience! Could not ask for more.”

— Rickard — Sweden

“Oscar is such a great person, his classes are awesome and he put so much effort... it's amazing. I recommend him to everyone, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced. A great person and teacher.”

— Roberto — Germany

“Oscar is an amazing teacher! He makes sure you understand your mistakes so you can become better with Spanish! I’m not a beginner however he has found my level and has given me work that is right for me. His lessons are very good for anyone who wants to either pickup, or continue their understanding of Spanish.”

— John — United Kingdom

“It is very enjoyable working with Oscar. He is committed to helping me understand and gives homework that matches my level.”

— Jenny — United Kingdom

“Good and very helpful lesson I recommend.”

— Justin — United States

“The lesson really was fun! I learned so much and had a custom lesson tailored to my skill level. The teacher was funny, patient, and well informed. He was generous with his time and stayed up late to give me my lesson that fit my schedule. That was above and beyond. I definitely recommend his class.”

— Letty — United States

“Oscar was very quick to respond and organize a time to meet for the lesson. He had many learning documents already prepared that were appropriate to my Spanish level. We were able to work through the documents during the lesson. He was patient and offered good instruction during the lesson. I look forward to booking another lesson soon.”

— Calvin — United States

“Quick response, fast deliver, very nice job, hope to work with Oscar again.”

— Libby — China



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